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How Can Being Back In The Office Boost Moral

Months, if not over a year has been the amount of time that a lot of the world have spent either working at home or being at home due to furlough. Being at home is a comfort and a valued space when stepping away from the office, but during these uncertain times the line has become blurred and being home for significant periods hasn’t been beneficial.

In the UK, our roadmap has begun it’s journey and one of the progressions has been for more offices and workplaces to re-open. It’s a welcomed distraction to the current climate and is an occasion that many have been looking forward to.

The office or workplace can be tough, with stressful roles, long hours and high workloads. However, with the regular routine removed, the working day hasn’t been the same. To say we’ve missed our usual surroundings is an understatement, and I don’t think we’re alone.

Seeing Colleagues

What a joy it will be to back with the work family. Being at home has meant we’ve communicated with less people and seen even fewer. Being around colleagues brings a level of comfort as well as providing that buffer you need to bounce ideas from one another.

Conversing with work friends will lift your mood, allowing you to catch up and motivate one another through the busy working day ahead.

Structured Day

Working from home was fun while it lasted, but the structure of your day just doesn’t feel the same. Firstly, the noise and conversations from the office has been removed, leaving the space feeling somewhat quiet.

Returning to the office allows you to set your goals, be aware of what your team is working on and having a clear direction for the days and months ahead.

Familiar Setting

Heading back to your favourite or designated workspace is definitely something to look forward to. Not everyone has had access to a desk in recent months, so the thought of the desk feels like a dream.

But the desk aside, stepping into the work world buts a clear divide between home and work. By leaving the home, it’s clear when work begins, home life ends and vice versa.

Face to face

Being in contact with people, especially face to face has been rare, other than those in our bubble or household. We’re able to ditch the use of phones and video calling to have those meeting in a social distanced space.

Speaking face to face is an easy form of communication and ensures your meeting and conversations can run smoothly.

Mental Health

Finally, the benefit which is most important is the improvement to our mental health. This topic has been covered widely since the beginning of the pandemic and how staying indoors, the worry of the pandemic and being away from our loved ones has had a negative effect on wellbeing.

Whilst returning to the workplace isn’t a quick fix, the ability to leave the house and having some normality could ease the pressure of the worries and negative feelings.