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The best coffee bar in Ghent

There is nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee early in the morning. At WAY in Ghent they understand you completely. That is why this coffee bar in Ghent has created a full range of the best coffees. This coffee for filter matches with all different brew methods, so that everyone gets to enjoy their amazing products. Do you prefer to buy the beans by themselves to grind them yourself? Even that is possible at this coffee bar in Ghent!

Discover the taste of the world

With the products of this company you get to enjoy the taste of coffee beans from all around the world. Do you like the fruity nature of Ethiopian coffee? Or do you want to discover a whole new sweet Brazilian taste? Whatever you might want to try out, this online store has it all. On the packets of their products you can easily see what type of coffee you are dealing with. This makes it even more handy to pick out the ones that fit your preferences. When you see a red circle, for example, it means that the coffee has a fruity taste. Other signs have other meanings, such as the green stripes which stand for floral or herbal coffees. Is sweet more your taste? Then you might want to look for a brown square. The last sign is the acidity, that is conveyed through the yellow triangles. You have never seen original packaging like this.

Let your taste buds enjoy the best coffee

Are you interested to try something new from this coffee bar in Ghent? Don’t let the coffee get cold and order your coffee for filter at their online store today! When you would like to know more about their different products, they will gladly explain all of it to you. You can easily reach them by calling or sending an email.